How to make New Year Star Quilt Blanket

How to make New Year Star Quilt Blanket

Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with this quilt blanket to ensure the New Year goes off with a bang!

This fabulous pattern, “New Year’s Star” is fun to make.  It can be made in 3 sizes: 50″ x 66″, 66 x 82″ & 82 x 102″.


Choose 4 fabrics with 4 different colors. In this case, we choose pink, green, white and one retro color.


Pinwheels:  Making the pinwheels begins by making half square triangles using the 3″ dark & medium squares. Trim to 2 1/2″ with your Tucker Trimmer.  Arrange the trimmed squares into pinwheels.


Use Care Here! The blocks should spin exactly as shown in the pattern instructions.

V Block High/Low:


I have cut my background squares and side triangles for unit construction.

img_1504 img_1505

Following my pattern instructions I trimmed the background square and stitch a side triangle to it.


Press toward the side triangle, add the square to make the second low side triangle and trim.


Trim using the V Bock tool as shown above.  Rotate and trim again.


By placing the high/low units around the pinwheels we get a great looking wonky star!

Framed Squares:


Make 8 of these easy framed squares.

Combination Units:



Draw 2 diagonal lines on the back of the 5 1/2″ the background squares and align with the medium squares, stitch on lines.


Elena Scott

Elena Scott

Have just purchased this quilt. Can’t waittttt

Ashley Garcia

Ashley Garcia

Love it! Gonna make it now.

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