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Sunbonnet Sue Quilt Blanket

My quilt blanket is adorable! It’s very colorful, well made, a great weight and just the right size, size large, for our Queen size bed.

Cat Quilt blanket

It’s a nice blanket. It’s thinner than I expected. I ordered king size and I think the cats lose some detail in the larger size, but it’s still nice.

Dragonfly quilt

Bought this gift for my aunts birthday. She received the quilt before her special day. She is very pleased & happy with her quilt. She loves that she can snuggle herself all in this quilt. Amazed of the dimensions of the quilt. She's very happy. Thank you so much. If you have questions company does get right back to you. They do make sure you are satified with their products.

Very nice

Very nice quality, thank you

Indigenous Native American ND041104 Quilt Blanket

very beautful

good qaulity

Beautiful ❤️

I bought this for my daughter who loves dragonflies and she absolutely loves it! Thank you for such beautiful work!

Pig Quilt Blanket

This is the cutest design ever, and exactly what I was looking for. And what really clinched the deal was the one “pig that flies”!

I thought the blanket was a little more thicker.

So happy with the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt. I have always wanted a Sunbonnet Sue Quilt but I cannot do the applique. Thank you so much for this great opportunity to enjoy this quilt now.

The quilts I ordered were beautiful!!! I only wish they were thicker (more filling). Thank you!!

Colorful cat quilt

It's a beautiful quilt. The colors are bright. And the cats are so cute. I love it!

Blankets is to thin. But is some nice looking fabric.

Best Baby Gift.

This was given as a gift for a baby. It was a great hit.

The Mom and her two furry four legged babies.

It is very colorful and fits our bed very nicely. My two male cats, 12 year old "Dragnet Joe Friday The Dude" and 6 year old "Coco2 Barack Obama," love it as much as I do! I was closing the door to my/our bedroom so both cats would not enter and sleep on the bed with new quilt until bedtime. They tried getting into the bedroom all day scratching the door and pulling the carpet, so I then left the bedroom door slightly ajar so they could get on top of the quilt and enjoy their nap time on their/our new quilt!!

It is just beautiful!

I gifted this to a friend and she loves it and I love that she has it!!

Love It. <3 <3.

I love it. I not sending it back. ***************. It a gift for someone. :) :). Hope some year I might order more some year. Hope you will make more of them. It was a good price for it.

Canadian experience

I go to my mom’s home in Canada. I love the scenery, trees and peace. The quilt brings my experiences home until the next visit.

Sunflower Explosion

was a gift....she loved it!

I gave the blanket to my daughter for Christmas. She loved it. 😍


I Love this blanket ! It is made very good and the sewing is amazing! I could not stop looking at it ! It is a summer blanket , but the Beautiful of it is so nice ! Would recommend this seller highly! Took a while to get to me but was so worth it ! Thank


Beautiful design and finished nicely.

Beautiful, well-made, light weight throw blanket

Very well made nice size light weight throw with bright colors and gorgeous cat motif

A vivid accent

Just what I needed to brighten my winter-dark living room.