15 Fabulous Fashion Styling Tricks for Plus Size Woman

15 Fabulous Fashion Styling Tricks for Plus Size Woman

We believe that any lady who is confident about herself is beautiful, irrespective of her size, color. Plus size ladies, love your body because you are beautiful in your own way. Don’t hide behind a boring dress, we bring you a quick guide on how to flaunt your curves perfectly and look stunning every single time.

1. Wear Statement Jewelry

If you want to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws, then take the attention away from your flaws. Wear a statement jewelry, choker neckpiece with your outfits, it will drag away the attention effortlessly.

2. Opt to Wrap Around Dresses

Get the hourglass shape with wrap around dresses. They will enhance your body, hide the flaws perfectly and make you look prettier. You can even pick wrap around blouses with 3/4 sleeves that will show the best in you.

3. Choose Minimal Work Blouses

If you have a large bust size then we advise you to stay away from embellished tops, blouses, cholis that will spoil your entire look. Go for minimal embroidery blouse with 3/4 or full sleeves and hide the flabs.

4. Make Black Shade Your BFF

Ditch the pastel shades lovelies, fall in love with darker shades and the best is the black shade. Black hued clothes will add a glam, style and of course make you slimmer.


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5. Wear Shapewear

Does every outfit shows your belly fat? Don’t lose confidence, go invest in a good quality tummy tucker. It will flatten your body and accentuate the curves elegantly. Tummy tucker works on almost every outfit, so wear them and look a size less.

6. Empire Line Dress will Look Flattering

Be it western or ethnic wear, choose tops, kurta designed in an empire line way. It will put your flaws out of sight and highlight your  strengths.

7. Choose Deep Neckline

We don’t want you to expose, but if you want to take the attention away from your belly, you have to wear a deep V or U neckline, which looks flattering and sensual.


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8. Layer Your Tops with Jackets

You need to own at least a jacket, that looks swanky and perfect for curvy women. Jacket will hide your flabby arms and balance your hips and enhance your personality.


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9. Avoid Bodycon

Don’t feel sad girls, but bodycon will only show the wrong side of yours. And you might lose confidence too. Reserve the bodycon once you shed some calories. But for now, we recommend you to avoid body hugging clothes.

10. Say Yes to Pencil Skirt

Girls, so what you can’t wear bodycon, the fashion world has the snazzy pencil skirt for you. Wear pencil skirt with a loose fitting blouse and you would look splendid for the occasion.

11. High Rise Denim are Must Have

Curvy women definitely need to pick the high rise or mid rise denim, pants that will tuck in the belly fat and make them look slimmer. Also when you pair high heels it will camouflage the thunder thighs and make you look tall.

12. Wear Pointed Toe Shoes

Never wear square toe or chunky shoes that can make your legs look fatter. Instead, opt for pointy toe, pumps, high heels, gladiators that will flatter your legs perfectly.

13. Contour Your Face

When it comes to makeup, you have to master contouring, as it will slim down your face and reduce the baby cheeks. Also when you click selfie angle your camera upwards so that your photos don’t show double chin.

 14. Let Your Hair Down

This is one of the easiest ways to look a size less – let your hair down. Avoid ponytails which will show face rounder. You can leave your hair down and try side braids that will catch instant attention.

15. Check Your Posture

Straighten your back, lift your chest and suck in your tummy, not only for your selfies but even when you walk. It will make you look confident and less slouchy or bulky.

We hope we helped you on how to pick the right outfit for your curvy body. Don’t forget ever that you are beautiful in your own way and look confident always.


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