7 Color Combinations to Try for 2022

7 Color Combinations to Try for 2022

New year, new wardrobe. Why not try these unique, trending color combinations for your next outfit?

Pink + Purple

There is no doubt that the pink and purple combination evokes Barbie vibes. Sugary-sweet, the current trending color scheme.

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Blue + Brown

The influencers of today, however, are styling it in more contemporary ways, specifically, with the use of a yellow-toned ochre hue with blue. The thing about this brown/blue combo is that it is not particularly season-specific. It all depends on how you wear it. The yellow tones in brown also help to warm up the cooler tones of blue hues, creating a unique, statement aesthetic. 

Green + Black

This is possibly one of the most popular color combinations on Instagram at the moment. The green and black combination is another year-round duo that transcends seasons. 

Red + White

The red and white combination is a rather striking one. Bold red against stark bright white, it is another look that many influencers have been sporting. It is also an excuse to pop on your favorite red lippy to set the whole look off.

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Pink + Black

Black and pink can work well through the seasons. The addition of pink is a great way to give a softer, girlish feel to an edgier black look and vice versa.

Blue + White

Though the blue and white combination may conjure up images of summer (think the blue tone of the roofs that dot the terraces in Santorini and the ever summery, blue and white tile-print), it is not completely summer-specific. Depending on the shades and how you mix them, this is one combination that you can try all year. Here's how the Instagram stars have been styling it. 

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Orange + Blue

Orange and blue is one that takes you back. It undoubtedly has that vintage feel to it reminiscent of the '90s or late '80s. Though it does have a sportswear feel to it, there are other ways to style this combination, both for summertime and eveningwear. 


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