12 Styling Secrets to Make Your Home Look Stunning With Quilts

12 Styling Secrets to Make Your Home Look Stunning With Quilts

Do you remember sleeping under fluffy handmade quilts at your grandmother’s house? The thought of her hands sewing each stitch with needle and thread made you feel like she was holding you while you fell asleep. The tender care of crafting quilts make them such a treasured icon in the home. My personal belief is that every home should have at least one quilt. Whether you place it on a bed or hang it on a wall is entirely up to you. Decorating with quilts is an easy way to add color, pattern, and even a bit of nostalgia to your home. Here are our 11 Styling Secrets to Make Your Home Look Stunning With Quilts

1. The most obvious way of decorating with quilts is to tuck a colorful one on a pretty bed. White walls and flooring really make this patterned quilt grab center stage in the room.

Elephant Quilt Bed Set HN220903T

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2. Quilts are available in a wide array of patterns, and colors can be bright or subdued. Styles range from cottage cute to hip and modern. There’s just something about a quilt that says “home.” 

Flower CL1406108 Quilt Blanket

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3. Who says quilts have to stay on the bed?  Hanging them on walls is a clever way of decorating with quilts. A patriotic star quilt pairs with a classic leather couch and southwestern textiles.

Native American Blue Star CLP270662 Quilt Blanket

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4. Use a quilt to celebrate a season or a holiday like Christmas, Halloween, New Year... Swap out quilts depending on the season, and store quilts currently not in use in the bench, so they’ll be easy to reach when you need them again.

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5. If you love your quilts as much as I do, you’ve probably had a few get worn out and look a little ragged. Use the remaining good portions of the quilt to create pillows. If you don’t have a lot of fabric to use, simply apply a matching fabric to the back of the pillow.

Quilted Pillows

6. A country style bedroom wears soft colors and mixes patterns with a hanging quilt, floral pillow shams, and geometric coverlet at the foot of the bed. The look is pleasing because the patterned textiles have the same level of color saturation.

Farmhouse Bedroom with Hanging Quilt. Decorating with Quilts

7. When decorating with quilts, think outside the box and use them in unconventional ways … like this quilt-turned-tablecloth.

Sunflower CLM290645 Quilt Blanket

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8. Layering your bedding, and quilts are a fun way to mix and match patterns and colors on the bed. Being buried under layers of quilts on cooler nights is always great!

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9. This summer, why not take your quilts outdoors and dress up your patio furniture with their color and softness? When entertaining in the evenings, your guests can use the quilts to warm their legs on cool nights.

Dachshund CLA190673 Quilt Blanket

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10. If you prefer neutrals in the bedroom, consider adding a little spice by draping a colorful quilt across the foot of the bed.

11. Have you ever fallen in love with a quilt at a flea market, only to find a sorry stain on it once you take a good look at it?  You can still enjoy it if you fold it to hide the stain, and hang it over a stair railing.

Amish CL1140659 Quilt Blanket

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12. When you’re not using your quilts, store them in a cupboard with glass doors so you can still enjoy them.




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