Flower Chain Quilt Tutorial

Flower Chain Quilt Blanket Tutorial

Today we will show you how to make a beautiful Flower Chain quilt blanket. This quilt combines our Irish Change quilt block (a variation of the traditional Irish Chain) with a sweet little flower block. Both blocks are quick, easy, and fun to make.

Part 1: Irish Chain Block

Step 1:

Sew 2 black strips (wide 2 inches each) and 1 red strip (wide 4 inches) together

Cut the above fabric wide 4 inches

Step 2:

Sew 2 red strips (wide 2 inches each) and 1 black strip (wide 4 inches) together

Cut 2 strips wide 2 inches

Step 3: 

Sew the above fabrics together

Add two black 7-inch strips both side of the above block and sew together

Step 4:

Add two strips on the top and bottom (red strips (wide 2 inches each) and 1 black strip (wide 7 inches))

Make sure the block size 10 inches

Part 2: Flower Block

Step 1: 

Prepare two dark and two light 5-inch square fabric


Step 2:

Put 1 dark and 1 light fabric to the right side and sew all the edge together

Cut into 4 triangles

Cut off the excess to get four 2 1/2 inches triangles

Iron them and sew all together

Step 3:

Use the rest 2 fabrics and cut them into 4 

Put 1 and 3/4 inch square black fabric over and sew diagonally

Cut off the excess and iron 

Put another black 1 and 3/4 inch square fabric on the other side and do accordingly

Step 4:

Assemble the fabric with the same color

Add four 2 1/2 inch square black fabric at the 4 corners

Sew all together and iron them

Step 5:

Use black strips to make the border of the above block 

Cut off the excess fabric to get a 10 inch square block

Part 3: Finish

Make 28 of these as well

We know it takes time but look at the result.

How beautiful it is!

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