12 Stunning Ways to Display Quilts

12 Stunning Ways to Display Quilts

Quilts are found throughout home décor these days. They’ve been around for centuries, but traditionally they were more utilitarian. Today you can find quilts in every room of the house, and they aren’t just for keeping you warm anymore. If you have one that you want to show off, check out these 12 stunning ways to display quilts. There is bound to be one that you’ll like.

Stylish Staircase
Drape a quilt on the bottom of a staircase railing to fill hard-to-decorate spots. The quilt will add warmth to the wood or metal stair accents and keep the eye from looking through to other rooms.

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Cupboard Covers
Smaller quilts can be draped over the door of a cupboard. Close the door slightly to keep the quilt secure. This is perfect for cupboards with windows, since it hides unsightly kitchen supplies or clutter.

Replace a Headboard
Use a multicolor quilt as a headboard. You can easily change your bedding to a matching color for a quick update! Attach a hanging sleeve to the upper edge of the quilt, so the quilt can hang straight with little distortion.

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Pretty Tablecloth
A larger quilt can be used as a decorative tablecloth to add color and texture to the kitchen or dining room. Use a favorite design on a table you don't often use. Or switch out the quilt with the seasons for decor that family and guests can enjoy all year long!

Quilted Wall Art
Treat your quilt as a giant work of art. Hang it in a bedroom to create an accent wall. A simple design can pull colors from the room for a modern piece of artwork. Or a scrappy wall hanging can add wamth and interest to balance neutral furnishings.

Quilted Wall Art
Seasonal Door Hanger
Substitute a wreath with a mini quilt for a beautiful door hanger! Hang it from a wreath hook with ribbon and store-bought accents, such as greenery or raffia.

Seasonal Door Hanger
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Pop Art
Off-center a quilt behind a couch or chair in the living room. Because the furniture will hide some of the quilt, it provides a quick pop of color without taking over the whole room

Pop Art

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Fake Upholstery
A large throw can be draped over a couch and tucked into the cushions. The quilt will be showcased, but won't add extra bulk to the back of the couch when not in use.

On the Fence
Ladders are a great way to display your quilts, but here's a new idea. Stand a section of an antique picket fence on its end and drape the pickets with quilts. There are more pickets on a fence than rungs on a ladder, and since fencing is usually wider than a ladder, you can see more of your folded quilts.On the Fence
Change of Art
Designed for urban dwellers who don't want to hang traditional curtain rods on the wall, this telescoping rod uses tension to balance between floor and ceiling. 
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A Step Above
Show off several quilts at once by displaying them on an antique ladder hung horizontally, rather than vertically. This arrangement allows for more of each quilt to show, as well as making a powerful decorating statement in your room. 
Hình ảnh đã tải lên
Wall mounted quilt racks are a neat and tidy way to display your quilts that frees them up from being folded in a cubby. 
We hope this article is helpful and that you can use one of the above ways to make your home more beautiful and unique.
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