Halloween Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget

Halloween Home Decorating Ideas On A Budget 

Halloween is coming. It’s the time of the year where you get to spook your family and friends. We are sure you have your costumes all sorted out for trick or treating but have you thought about a Halloween makeover for your home? Well if you haven’t, we are here to help. We have some brilliant Halloween home decor ideas on a budget that you can implement. Read more to know more!

1. Decorate with Halloween Quilts

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2. Change To Halloween Bedding Set

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3. Let Candles Drip


All you have to do for this one is light some drip candles, let them work their magic, and arrange them around the house. Bonus points if you display them in spooky, black-painted wine bottles for major fright-night thrills.

4. Craft a Pumpkin Topiary
pumkins stacked

It's no secret that we love Halloween and a good carved pumpkin really takes the cake.

5. Hang a Light-Up Web
led spider web

Channel your inner spidey sense and create a giant light-up spider web in your yard using LED strip lights. 

6. Serve Googly Eye Chocolates
halloween candy set up with googly eye chocolates in cauldron bowl

Use a small black bowl to pose as a mini cauldron and fill it with edible "eyeballs," aka chocolates wrapped in bloodshot-eye motif foil.

7. Make a Zombie Throw Pillow
easy DIY decor  for halloween

Just wrap a strip of white cloth around the pillow and add 2 eyes. It doesn't even require any sewing!

8. Add Paper Bats
Room, Wall, Leaf, Interior design, Wallpaper, Black-and-white, Tree, Stencil, Wall sticker, Window,
Frame a doorway with flying paper bats for a super simple but fun Halloween vibe at home. 
9. Make Lace Ghosts
diy halloween decor

Haunting, huh? These lacy creeps are probably the chicest a ghost has ever looked. Bonus: They're super easy to make!


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