How to make June Bloom Pattern Quilt

How to make June Bloom Pattern Quilt Blanket

1. Setup

- Work on a vertical surface - which allows you to walk away and get a better perspective on what you are working on.

- You need a drafting table that has a piece of foam core on it. This will hold your foundation panel steady and allow you to stick pins in it.

2. Material

- The foundation panel: choose the pattern (you can use this picture and print it to the size you want)

This pattern is called Bloom

- A pair of scissors

- An iron

- Fabric (different colors from light to dark)

Chosse the dark green color to make the background

Lighter green for the leaves

Yellow, orange and pink for the flowers

- A method to adhere your fabric to your foundation panel

Example: Lite Steam-A-Seam2, Glue, Fabric Fusion...

3. Making process

Step 1: Prepare fabric with Steam a Seam

- Peel back the Steam a seam paper and expose the temporary adhesive

- Lay your fabric and press it down on to the adhesive side of the Steam a seam paper

- Lay this paper down and press very lightly with the dry iron to make sure that your fabric has been adhered to the steam a seam.

- Do the same with all the fabric

Step 2:

Cut your fabric into smaller pieces

Step 3: Stick all the fabric to the foundation panel 

Starting with the background: stick all the dark green fabric to the black part

Cut the fabric that fit with the edge.

- Iron the background part

Do the same with the other parts

Secondly the leaves: use the light green color fabric

Thirdly, the flowers: use yellow, orange, pink color

Step 4: Use a steam iron to stick the fabric permanently

Step 5: Quilt the fabric

Step 6: Finish the edges

Stick the fabric to all the edges and iron them

Step 7: Complete the back

Use the ribbon to cover all the edge


And here is the result:

This Bloom Quilt Blanket is available now so that you can buy here:

We are currently in the process of making a kit including all the materials and a step by step instruction so that you can easy to follow and make this quilt blanket.

We hope you'll love it!

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