Christmas Tree Chevron Quilt Tutorial

How to make a cute, modern Christmas quilt using 10 inch squares of precut fabric

1. Supplies List
- 1 pack x 10" Precut Quilt Fabric Squares (Layer Cakes) - Assorted Green
- 3 and 1/2 yards x Background Fabric
- 1/4 yard x Brown Fabric
- 1/4 yard x Yellow Fabric
- 1 and 1/4 yards x Outer Border Fabric
- 3/4 yard x Fabric for Binding
- 5 yards x Backing Fabric

2. Making Chevron Quilt Pattern

Step 1: Put a white square fabric over a green square fabric

Step 2: Draw the red cross line over the white fabric

Step 3: Sew parallel lines with 2 diagonal red lines

Step 4: Cut the fabric into 4 smaller squares

Step 5: Cut the fabric into 8 triangles 

Step 6: Iron the triangle fabrics

Step 7: Assemble into chevron shape

You can assemble into the pinwheel shape with the same 4 pieces of above fabrics

Step 8: Sew 4 pieces of fabric together

You will need 28 pieces of cheveron fabrics like this

3. Making the star

The star doesn't require any sewing, you just need a Heat Bond to adhere the star to the background

Iron the fabric then fold the fabric in half

Cut the fabric follow this shape:

You can print the star template here:

Then you will have  a star that you can adhere to the background

4. Making the trunk

A simple brown square of fabric that has the same size as the cheveron fabric is perfect to make a Christmas tree trunk.

5. Sewing all the fabrics together

Follow this picture

or this:

6. Putting them over the backing fabric and starting quilting

7. Do not forget to sew all the border of the quilt blanket to make it as perfect as possible!


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